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The legal team at Fraser & Souweidane is committed to helping our clients recover compensation for dog bite injuries.

Did you or a loved one fall victim to a dog bite? While most dogs are friendly, unfortunately there are some which attack people and cause serious injuries. With dogs roaming our parks and sidewalks nearly everywhere, these instances are bound to happen. Oftentimes it’s neighbors, family, friends, and delivery drivers that are unfortunate targets for dog bites.

If you or your child were a victim of a dog bite, our personal injury lawyers can help. You deserve to receive compensation for the medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages associated with sustaining the dog bite or related injury.

Know Your Rights

In dog bite cases it is important to get the police and animal control involved. Oftentimes there are quarantines for the animal to ensure it is not infected with a serious virus, like rabies. It is very important as well to get immediate medical care to prevent infection. In dog bite claims the victim is entitled to claims damages for the pain and suffering inflicted, medical bills, and wage loss.


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A Look at Michigan Law Regarding Dog Bite Cases

Michigan has both a dog bite statute, and common law, that deal with dog bite claims. In order to provide evidentiary support that a dog owner is liable for the injuries it caused by a bite, the complainant must show that the injury was caused by the dog bite, the dog was not directly provoked, and the injured party was lawfully on public or privately owned land. In the state of Michigan, cases involving dog bites are generally based on “strict liability” against the owner. Liability may also be brought against a temporary possessor of the dog depending on the prior dangerous propensities of the dog.


Local police and animal control will be dispatched to conduct independent investigations. It will involve securing the scene of the incident, documenting vaccination status, determining the need for medical attention, and more.

In Michigan the statute of limitations to bring a dog bite action is three years from the date of the bite.

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