5 Things to do After a Motorcycle Accident

By Fraser & Souweidane|April 16, 2020| Blog

There’s a freedom to hopping on the back of a motorcycle — especially when it’s just you and the open road. While it’s always a great idea to travel with the proper protective gear, sometimes the unexpected can hit you out of nowhere. So, what do you do if you’re in a motorcycle accident? Here are the top five things we suggest:

1. Address Your Injuries
Sometimes, injuries can’t be seen, especially head injuries. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, it’s always best to let the professionals handle any injury to you or anyone involved in the crash. Without restraints and impact zones, motorcycle accidents are prone to more serious injury — even a fender-bender can be more than just a superficial scrape.

2. Document Everything
Often times claims will rely heavily on photos and documentation from the scene of the accident. If you’re able to, be sure to take as many photos as possible — because hard evidence is even harder for the defendants to dispute in court. Take this step to further protect yourself from statements and claims that don’t add-up as visuals can be the swaying factor in a judgment.

3. Gather Information
Did the driver next to you see the accident occur? Did a passerby catch a snippet of the post-accident questioning on their phone? Be sure to ask witnesses for their side of the story in order to help build your case. And when speaking to a police officer after the accident, be sure to make mention of anyone who might’ve seen something as they can be key in helping your case.

4. Track Your Expenses
Because you’re at the mercy of the road, motorcycle accidents can have serious repercussions. It’s imperative to document all of your necessary medical expenses like doctor’s visits, laboratory tests and physical therapy as they will influence the settlement in the end.

5. Get Help on Your Side
As personal injury lawyers, Fraser & Souweidane, we want to help you mitigate your claims with potential to have the best outcomes possible. That’s why accidents — especially ones with serious injury — are best handled through legal representation. Contact your lawyer and tell them the details of your case, provide the information you’ve collected, and rest assured that you’ll be in good hands of the pros who work to ensure you’ll be compensated.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a motorcycle accident, contact us today. We’ve been protecting Eastside families for over 40 years — so, let us protect yours.